Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Is it turning 30? Nope. We have a fun weekend planned.

Dreading Winter? Meh, I like soup.

Is it still feeling like a 8 year old when my mom yells? That's a story for another time.


Seeing how August has been completely skipped over and stores are in Halloween mode? Nope.

Going back down to a glass of wine a week? Yes, that does suck.

But that's not it!

It's the shoes!! After 4 months of flip flops and, even better, no shoes, the time has come for grown up shoes. I bough a new pair of moccasins to ease my way into them and could barely walk for the first 30 minutes. My foot is sooo annoyed. Ugh.


So, pour a glass and tell me, what will you miss most?

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