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Worst person of 2014 awards

It's never too early for Worstie buzz!

Already 2014 is getting off to a ridiculously evil start: We've got this woman who tried to burn down a store full of puppies, these police officers who tied a possible rape victim to a chair and ripped/cut off her hair for funzies, and this man who pulled a gun on a girl scout! And it's only February! There are also some candidates who, though their evil falls out of the scope of this year's awards period, have committed such astounding atrocitiesthat it would be negligent for the committee not to take notice.


Who will win a coveted Worstie? Who will lose but try to steal one? All year long, submit your favorite evildoers here for consideration*! You may also submit by using the tag "Worst Person Awards"

*Please note, while we may throw around phrases like "Ugh, Justin Beiber is the worst" he has never, to our knowledge, done anything nearly as bad as attempted puppy murder. He is a little shit, but he and his ilk are not at this time illegible for a worstie.

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