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Worst Song Ever

Because it’s Friday and I’ve had another stressful week, I’d like to have fun hating some things. I’d like everyone to submit the worst song you can think of (and defend your decision!).

I will be away from the computer for several hours, so won’t be able to respond right away. So, talk amongst yourselves.

I submit: John Mayer, “Your Body Is A Wonderland.”

When I hear this song, I cringe. I cringe for several reasons - admittedly, I do not like John Mayer’s voice, which I realize is just a personal preference. But I think “Your Body Is A Wonderland” was specifically aimed at women whose sexual partners don’t pay enough attention to them, which depresses me and feels cheap. Or, in my case, myself and everyone I knew didn’t yet have sex with this song came out, so they swooned because they 1) assumed that no man would pay appropriate attention to them because sex is something that girls have to fight men off about and 2) that women only like being kissed and caressed all over and want sex to take 9 hours and that is directly adverse to what men like and John Mayer is the only man on earth who would be a good sexual partner.


So basically, I think it’s just a song that cheaply latches onto stereotypes and also acts as some sort of horrifying lullabye. (but I don’t want to go to sleep to this!)

(In case it’s not obvious to everyone, I welcome dissenting opinions here and realize that my perceptions are mine! Let’s try to keep this friendly)

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