Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, not really “ever,” but in the past 48 hours.

Her: *comes into my room* What’s wrong?
Me: Just feeling a little down (she knows I have depression).
Her: Nothing I can do about that *closes door behind her as she leaves*.


Hours later . . .

Her: Why are you looking so down?
Me: I just wish I didn’t constantly feel like this. Everything I do feel like I’m trying to move a mountain.
Her: What, are you gonna go kill yourself now?
Me: O_O


Gonna be really fun when I take her out to lunch for her birthday next weekend. Her words: I can’t wait until my birthday. I hope my gift is you not talking back to me.

Me (in my mind): No, your gift was earrings, but if you’re gonna be such a bitch about everything, I can just return them.


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