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Worst Trading Spaces Ever

God that was a never ending hour. I get Nate Burkas is a top notch designer along with his spouse Jeremiah. I get that. The rooms the designed were top notch. Ok I do not like dark drapes but that’s just a quibble.

If I wanted to see safe, boring designs I would have watched Property Brothers or one of the other design conservative shows on HGTV.

When the visiting neighbors said the owners wanted to keep the humungus couch I expected Nate to say sure but we will change it. Then hand them chainsaws to break up the couches. Hildi and Doug mist certainly would have. Why did Jeremiah leave a nice fireplace alone? No he should have said “trust me the owners will love what will we do” then hand over sledge hammers.


This is Trading Spaces you are suppose to scream at the tv “no don’t do that”. “who would want that are they nuts”, “god that’s ugly” or “who thought those colors went together”.

Not “well that will look nice”, “oh what a good idea”, “it looks nice but I am meh on the colors”. Boring.

This is NOT HGTV.

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