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Worst Travel Seatmate Ever

Have you ever had the experience where you wish you followed your first impression and faked not speaking English? I spent the 6 hour flight from Logan to Dublin next to a Philosophy graduate student. I'll admit... I have a bias against Philosophy students seeing as I dated (and was briefly engaged to)one. He's the reason I have intense hatreds of both Tom Brady/The Patriots and Epistemology.

I know somewhere there are Epistemologists out there who are not tedious and insufferable; my seatmate does not seem to fit that bill. He offered such gems as:

1) How do we really know what causes AIDS?

2) There's no reason for a country like the US to spend any money on "third world diseases" research, seeing as diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever are not a problem here. Right. Because there's no example of diseases crossing international borders. Ever.


3) It's deeply unfair that between funding issues and what he is convinced was an affirmative action decision, he had to settle for his third choice school.

There's more, but when it became clear that he was not going to shut up, I decided it was worth to treat myself and start drinking overpriced wine, and now the only tidbits I remember are the ones that seemed the most obnoxious. It's a long bus ride from Dublin to Galway, and I'm fresh out of reading material (and Taytos)... beyond the screaming infants and chair-kicking toddlers, who are some of your worst travel seatmates?


Completely unrelated but somewhat soothing picture of sheep. For no reason. It's been a very very long day.

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