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Worth It: I adulted like a boss yesterday.

So I've had laminate wood floors in 90% of my house for about five years. I love the rich pecan color/pattern, love the look instead of carpet or tile, but fucking hate this floor overall. I've probably tried no less than 8 floor cleaners, all highly recommended by friends or 4 or 5 star rated on Amazon. But there's something about "my" specific floor that just hates everything. Even vinegar, alcohol and water leaves streaks. It's a nightmare of a job to start with and even worse when you know it's going to end up looking as bad as before, just cleaner. I've resigned myself to that.

My best friend recommended the pictured spray, Pledge FloorCare Wood Spray Cleaner, and HOLY SHIT, my floors look AMAZING. No streaks, no weird "scrinchy" feeling when you walk on it in rubber soles and it's FAST drying.. It's like the holy grail of floor cleaners. So happy.


Bolstered by my success, today I drag out the steam cleaner and tackle my couches.

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