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Worth It: White Noise app

This one is especially Worth It since it's free. It is (supposed to be) almost spring! If you are like me, and you live near trees, you know this means all of a sudden, there are birds fucking EVERYWHERE. Especially in the very early morning, while you are trying to sleep. They are out there chirping like a bunch of assholes who don't understand how precious sleep is to us humans. But lo, friends! There is an app for drowning out those dicks. It is called White Noise, and the icon looks like this:

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It is totally free, available for both Android and iPhone, and it provides like 7 or 8 options for sounds. There's one for crickets (though I literally bought this app in the first place to drown out the sound of the clicking ass crickets in the tiny park behind my apartment), extreme rain, airplane, train, etc., and then the one I use, which is just called white noise. It sort of sounds like a less irritating version of static, but it drowns out all kinds of noises. As I said, I originally bought it because there was some sort of clicking bug in the backyard, and my usual fan (that I've been using for white noise for about two decades) was not even coming close to drowning it out. I continued to use it in the winter because of the tapping/hissing noises my old-timey radiator makes. It doesn't always completely drown out sounds, as I can still hear the radiator if I listen hard, but it keeps them from waking me up. This morning when I turned off the app (it also goes silent when your phone alarm goes off, so it's not going to drown that out), I could hear the birds making such a cacophony that I wanted to kiss this app for letting me sleep through it. So just in case anyone else is currently experiencing the same problem, download this little gem! I've been repeatedly glad that I did.

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