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Worth it!- Wonderbag- a better, more efficient slow cooker

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First off, I was not paid for this post. I just found the wonderbag on a flash deal through Amazon.com (not sponsored by them either!) The wonderbag is a new take on the crockpot. My family and I depend on crockpot meals because they tend to be cheaper and yield huge portions, which is key for leftovers. I received a crockpot brand slowcooker when I got married from credit care reward points. I don't know if I just abused it or if it was a cheaper variety but lately all my crockpot meals have stuck to the wall of the pot. I went on Amazon looking to replace my slow cooker and found a lighting deal for the wonderbag! It is a huge, insulated bag that continues to cook your meal with no electricity or heat for up to 12 hours. No stirring or checking up on it required!


Here are the pros:

-For every purchase, they give one to a family in Africa. I am skeptical on this much as I am skeptical about TOMS but some might see this as a benefit.


-No electricity needed meaning you can even cook and bring it to your work or a picnic!

-It also doubles as a freezer bag!

-No touching or tampering required!

-The final product comes out well.

-No dirty appliance!

The cons:

-You need your own metal or cast iron pot.

-You have to bring the item to boil and let it simmer up to 5-15 minutes. So it isn't just chop and drop.


-The bag is pretty bulky and space consuming...

-Its cost is about 60 dollars, far more expensive than a crockpot.

I really, really like this bag. I love that I can use my own pot because I hate to clean out the crockpot after use. And it tends to smell if you leave it be for a week or two. The product comes out well... They have a recipe book that guides times for the wonderbag. I almost never spend money on appliances but I am glad I did. I love the flexibility of leaving a bag and not worrying about stirring!


Here is the site: nb-wonderbag.com

Worth the money if you slow cook like no one else's business!

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