Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Having read the article on the Mamet sister's stupid Kickstarter and having donated to a Pledge Music drive for a new album by a band I really like, I think it would be cool to share here other crowdfunded projects we are interested in.

I donated to the Future of the Left album fund because I love their music and because I saw them live once and it was the best time I ever had at a show. I want them to make more music. They've spent years doing it, dealing with record labels of various sizes, touring, making videos for less than $32,000, and now they have a lot of fans who are interested in helping them out now that they are tired of dealing with the labels (and as they say, perhaps the labels are tired of them, too). They made their goal about 5 hours after the drive began. I think that's really cool, and the sort of thing crowdfunding is great for. Plus, I didn't spend much more on the donation than I would have on buying the album anyway.

I would like to hear what you all are giving your extra money to. Writers, visual artists, musicians, charities. The Mamets are getting extra publicity because they're famous/related to the famous. Let's make this comments section a spot to give props to the less-known but more deserving people who are asking the public for support.

And here's an awesome Future of the Left song for you to dance to.

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