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Would anyone be interested in a Rhythmic Gymnastics watching guide for the casual viewer?

Son Yeon Jae of South Korea being the cutest.

I love RG. But it is kind of hard to follow if you’re a casual viewer. And with few Westerners competitive on an international elite level, it gets zero coverage.

Margarita Mamun of Russia doing one of my favorite skills with a ribbon.

BUT IT IS STILL AWESOME! And there is an American competing in the individual event in Rio! And you can watch it on the NBC live streaming and probably other places with a VPN! It’s on Friday and Saturday.

Yana Kudryavtseva of Russia casually doing a one-handed walkover while balancing a ball on one finger.

I can make a post sort of explaining the basics of what to look for, how they’re scored, and who some of the athletes are. I’m not going to be able to live blog everything because I have dance team rehearsals but I want to help other people watch as much as possible, if anyone wants to!

Grace Legote of South Africa with her freaking gorgeous lines. Sadly not in Rio for some reason that is awful because she’s the top gymnast of the African continent but due to how the berths were filled another African gymnast from Cape Verde went instead.

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