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Would anyone be interested in some new plus sized clothing?

This summer, I went through some difficult things in my life and health. To make me "feel better" I spent a lot of late nights buying clothing I didn't need (my name is Falling and I am a shopaholic). Of course I never returned the items I didn't like or that didn't fit, and now I'm stuck with a huge storage bin of plus sized clothing that have never been worn.

The items vary in size from 22 to 26 and comes from Eshakti, Asos, Torrid, Zulily, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Carson's, and Debs. Mostly dresses, skirts and tops that can be worn for work or dressed down. Most pieces cost me between $45 and $85 dollars (the ON items were closer to $25-$30).

I was thinking if anyone was interested, I'd sell the items for $10-$20 dollars a piece. I care less about making my money back and really would like them to go to a good home, I love my clothing, it's my substitute for a pet or a significant other. So you understand my attachment!


Let me know if you may be interested, and in the next week or so, I'll figure out a way to post what I have for you guys to choose from :)

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