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Although it went un-diagnosed and misdiagnosed for a long time, I've been bipolar 2 for at least half my life. I'm also what's called a Highly Sensitive Person, which is someone who (to paraphrase from Wikipedia) sees and processes sensory data at a much deeper and more thorough level than about 80% of the population. The combo of those two makes my life very challenging and has led to some very close calls, but it also has the potential to make my life very fulfilling, rich and creative. I'm a writer and an actress, and I've found much my writing drive comes from the desire to bring up issues of mental health in PoC communities, especially WoC and mixed race women of color. I'm also bisexual, and have done some research into bisexuality and how that interacts with mental health.

On a selfish end: I think helping people gives me a sense of purpose and helps me cope with the bad days. I feel like it's my duty to share what I've learned so others can have an easier time of it.


On another end: I notice a lot of people are interested in hearing stories about depression and bipolar and other types of mental health issues, including how they intersect with marginalized people. Other people want to cope too, and I'd like to be of service in helping people find resources and letting them know they're not alone.

So what do you think, GT? I'd host the discussion on Powder Room sometime in the next two weeks (once I figure out my schedule and the best time for y'all). But would anyone be interested in participating? I'm certainly no psychiatrist, but I've done a lot of my own research and know some resources for things I can't directly answer.

Would anyone be interested?

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