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(not my pic but a good estimation)

Back in May, I donated a piece to the county Habitat for Humanities art show. It sold RIGHT AWAY for 75 bucks. I was especially excited because it was the most conceptual piece in the show. In short, it was lining a piece of broken bench board with embroidery thread mimicking the grain of the wood.


Today, I reached back into our storage closet (its just a closet that we stacked boxes and suitcases in so we/I could go through them at an easier pace) to a heavy-as-hell box and FINALLY FOUND THE EMBROIDERY THREAD.

The discovery comes at a perfect moment in that I'm pretty damn low today. Not that this makes everything PERFECT, but the process of making the art is very relaxing. Even untangling the thread is cathartic.

Feel of the moment: relief

EDIT: Here is an actual pic from my crappy phone soon to be replaced by an iPhone.


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