To walk into the conference room at my office and yell "You are four intelligent, educated professional women at your fucking job, stop talking about your fucking diets and weight"?

Because I'd really like to. I'm listening to the soundbites coming out of the room and I want to just go in and give half of them hugs and slap the other half. The conversation is being led by my extremely toxic coworker who is in great shape but frequently adopts whatever random diet is popular as long as it a) has very elaborate and specific rules that require her to explain them and why they are so great constantly to others and b) it happens at a time when there is a lot of group interaction/eating occasions so she has constant opportunity to refuse food publically and then explain why (see a). This is the same co-worker who, for instance, spread a rumor that I had an eating disorder and told everyone in the office about it in a tone of faux-concern.

She is desperately insecure, and I know that. But when I first hear her last week bullying another coworker into doing the same random diet she's on and now I'm hearing the same coworker mumble in a meeting full of people that no, she hasn't lost any weight on it yet and Toxic Coworker (TM) replies "Oh, you haven't lost ANY weight yet?" and then starts talking about how she has and how she's so toned now (yes, because diets give you muscle tone) and naming several other people she knows and the number of pounds they all lost (this includes other coworkers weights), this is me:

I'm listening now to Decent Coworker (TM) realizing that everyone else is uncomfortable in the meeting and desperately trying to change the subject (she mentioned that the diet doesn't allow caffeine or alcohol, and she's trying to make a joke out of it like "Oh man, would life even be worth living, especially with Mardi Gras coming up!" and trying to change the subject to parades) and this woman shut her down and is doing the "Oh life is SO MUCH better this way it's amazing and refusing to stop.


It's such a sad microcosm in there. I know at least two of the four women in there have insecurities about their weight, and I know that Toxic Coworker probably has her own issues (she's toxic in other ways) but outside of anything else, how do you think that's okay to talk about in a business meeting? It's such an obvious attempt to feel better than everyone else in the room by making them feel inferior.

I have now gone from super ragey to kind of wanting to cry.

ETA: My coworker just came out of the meeting as it ended and said "Well that made me feel like a complete fatass".