If I friend requested one of my managers on Facebook?

Now, now. We don't have a normal manager/employee relationship. He's my dude. As I've talked about on other threads, my entire staff and the managers at my job are like one big, dysfunctional, drunk/high family. My manager (the one I'm debating being facebook biffles with) and I don't hang out outside of work (with the exception of our drunken work parties) but we have a pretty good work relationship/friendship - like constantly bickering with each other and making fun of each other, stuff like that.

I've worked at this place for about 4 years now, and with him the entire time. I also wouldn't be the first employee he's friends with on the Fatchbook (we have 3 mutual friends which are my coworkers and I think there's others that I'm not friends with).

I'm also not trying to bang him. I just like bothering him and being FB friends with him would really increase my bothering time and abilities.

So I'm thinking this is one case where it's okay. And for reference, I think he's in his 30s which wouldn't make him that much older than me or my group of friends (ages 22-31).

Edit: Just wanted to add, his profile picture is of him playing beer pong at a bar. So it's not like OH GOD MY BOSS CAN'T KNOW I HAVE A LIFE. Clearly.