ETA: WE'RE FULL! If you emailed me, you're in ... just read the email I'm gonna send you and see how it feels. <3 <3 There's a few more than six but if you said yes, you're in.

First off, I know the term 'life-coach' is an umbrella term for quacks and actual helpful people. If I hadn't a. found it so helpful for myself b. often have people asking my advice ... I would not be taking this course. But it has been and I do, and so I'm in the middle of taking a certification course for Discover Your Sacred Gifts.

To complete the certification, I need to guide six people through the program for free (which means they get the whole audio course comped and do the whole course - it's kind of a big commitment, but since it can be done on your schedule it can take a little more time than the four week schedule, especially with Christmas coming up, but I will be dedicating hours to this and for everyone's benefit you would have to have the time available, too).


It's a mix between aptitude testing and finding out who you are mixed with a little bit of metaphysical thinking (which I find helpful even if it is just the placebo effect in action, I think it is more than that).

I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post for this kind of thing, so I hope you guys don't mind. There's a whole long invitation that spells it out in more detail but I thought my words would be best, and if you're interested, email me at katanaleigh at gmail dot com.

I *know* some people think this is a weird thing to get certified in (like, my family) so please be nice if you think its weird (but its okay if you do; as you can tell I kindof do as well but I believe in it which is enough for me).