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UPDATE: UNA BEAR DOG FOUND IT! Would Someone Like To Help Me Find An Old Comment Thread Of Mine?

Oof. You guuuuiiiise. I am trying to find this old comment of mine on Jezebel. Don't worry, when I say 'old' it was definitely from this year.

It was a 'story' I told about the tragic rise and fall of a celebrated shell artist in Florida who sold those dried out dead fish art things. He started out as a young Midwestern boy, who came to Florida to become the greatest sea shell artist of all time, which he did, then he vanished from the lucrative sea shell art scene. He was like the Basquiat of the Fort Lauderdale souvenir art scene.

It was very long and yes had a ton of recommends, replies and I believe I elaborated in the replies, too.


All I remember is that it may have been a comment on a Laura Beck post—but the original article had something to do with fishing—or the fishing industry—I think there was a picture of a dude in a boat with a fish—???? It's terrible, I know. I remember my stupid joke comments but can't remember the actual post that was written about what was probably a very important subject/issue. I am sorry, Internet. I am the worst.

I am hoping someone remembers it and remembers the article it was from so I can avoid searching through 700 pages of my comments to find the thing. I had to do that for something awhile back, and the Kinja system for scrolling through your personal comment/posting history sucks.

Thanks in advance to anyone who remembers this.

UPDATE OF AWESOMENESS: Whoa, holy shit UnaBearDog! Nice job! I'm completely fucking speechless that you found this!!!!!!!!


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