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Would You Buy These?

1. A friend who owns a shop bought to sell a skull of a I believe Longhorn. She brought it in from her car. It seems so ghoulish. She said she was putting 90 dollars on it and paid 20 at a yard sale.

Would you buy an animal skull?

2. Todays Target brochure has on the page for DVDs a get a 10 dollar movie for mom. Two were the first two Shades of Grey movies.


Really? Would anyone buy these for ones mom?

3. Years ago I got rid of my Star Wars novels. Today at a thrift shop Star Wars novels were on sale for 50 cents so got 18. They were all exanded universe novels and all but four post A New Hope. The four were Shadows of the Empire and the Mandaloran (sp) trilogy. I never read these four neither have I read the XWing books (I got 2 through 9).

I got 18 books. Would you buy EU novels or just Disney Canon oddly I never read one.

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