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Would you hate this [beer and wine alternative] at a wedding?

Instead of beer and wine from a bartender, how would you feel about nice drink dispensers with sangria, hard lemonade, or other alcoholic beverages? Beer would be in bottles on ice.

Our wedding is not super posh, but not quite backyard barbeque. About 50 people, ceremony outside in our synagogue courtyard, indian buffet dinner under a covered porch at the same place. Would this kind of set up A) upset you in some way, B) scream cheap or tasteless C) something else terrible?


I just feel like this would save us the cost of a bartender (beer and wine was other option; fully stocked bar is not on the table) and his accoutrements and pricier bottles of wine, but still give people options for getting their buzz on.

Yay or Nay? If you're down, what would you want to drink on a mid May evening?

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