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Today we went out. Grocery shopping plus other places.

We were on the main road and at one point there is the end of an exit ramp that joins the main road.

Now I was not paying attention. My mind was in mental turmoil. My mother was driving.


My thoughts were

At grocery store when eating in their cafeteria should I

A) Get the hot dog dinner if so should I get french fries or onion rings. I want onion rings but for some odd reason fries are slightly heathier.


B) Get a cup of soft ice cream with a cone on top. If so should I get the twist or chocolate.


When all of a sudden I hear. “I have the right of way”

“Huh?” was my only reply.

My mother “He got off the exit and cut in front of me”.

I looked at the car. My mind went to big flashing letters. “DO NOT HONK. PLEASE DO NOT HONK”.


I did not say anything but I knew she was tempted.

It was a police car and no their sirens were not on.

Would you have honked?

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