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Would You Have Intervened? Writer Poses This Question To Interviewee

In Boston a reporter was interviewing a Reverand about a man killed riding a bike. They then heard a white man across the street yelling

“Hey, n (word), walk on the sidewalk like you should”.

The Reverand along with another person and that other person said he never really heard that term growing up in SC.


The article became all about what that man said and the recent spate of racism in Boston and New England. It was like the Trump victory gave license to the racists.

The article ends with a followup call to the Reverand. She said she did not intervene but wishes she had. She said it caught her offguard.

I would hope I would have said “hey knock it off you should feel ashamed”. Yet after seeing what happened in Portland. I just don’t know.


The amount of rage in this nation is increasing and with rage violence is just beneath the surface. I have to wonder if being scared is closer to the truth of why no one said anything. The writer could have, the other witness and the Reverand. Could Portland flashed through their minds.

Makes me wonder if we are heading quite quickly to folks keeping their head down and deliberately ignoring wrongs.


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