Because I want to. These things don't really deserve their own post, so this is a sharing post. I'll whine about my little stuff, you can whine about yours.

I got on Ravelry (knit and crochet community website) today. My knitting has gone way, way down since moving somewhere that isn't as appreciative of cushy wool accessories, so I don't get on there nearly as much as I used to. So sometimes I'll have a few messages waiting for me, questions about the couple little free patterns I have posted. Someone posted a snitty message on one of my patterns saying she's going to have to take it apart because the math is wrong and trying to tell me why. Using the wrong numbers. Lady, do you think the hundreds of other people who made this are just stupid? Or just fixed it on their own and didn't bother to let me know? The comment showed up in my inbox, but when I looked at the pattern page it wasn't there. Maybe she realized she made an ass of herself and deleted it. It was still unnecessarily rude.

Also, of course, Facebook. WHY does everyone continue to post things that are obviously suspect without checking where they came from?! Mr.BT's aunt posted a heavily edited Presidential speech that made it look like Obama was declaring himself dictator. Seriously. I wish I had access to her page, because I want to share it on my feed just to get people riled up. It's fucking ridiculous. Another friend, who is generally pretty smart, posted this:


I can understand not having heard about the Apple album giveaway, but you're on the internet for fuck's sake. Perhaps hit up the Google real quick before you put your trust in a post that uses text speak. This isn't even a Snopes-worthy scare article or someone taking The Onion seriously.

I'm also pissed that Mr.BT's new schedule (they've been promising a better schedule for I don't know how long) is the same shift, but Thurs-Tues instead of Mon-Sat. Fucking fabulous. That is just tacking on to all the other bullshit that I want to make into a separate post.


Alright, your turn. Give me a petty whine!