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Would You Pay $2k For This Sweater And Wearing Alone As Top Even Legal In Some States?

The sleeves to me makes the sweater look stupid. Either have a “naked” sweater or not. Don’t do it by half.

No sweater to me should one spend more then ten dollars. Yes I just buy at thrift shops for clothes you often find top hrands.


Anyways I am not sure if they make these sweaters for men.

For women who I guess is the target audience based on the picture would wearing it with nothing else be legal in most states? Would it be considered indecent?


I cannot picture this sweater keeping one warm so cold days you would need something under it. With the sleeves showing you would need to coordinate the shirt under it. Or it would look stupid.

If they make it for men I am not sure if folks want to see my arms covered then see my hairy chest, stomach and back with a bit of nonflat belly.


This is also why sexualizing breasts is so wrong. Men can freely wear this and nothing else yet women in many states probably cannot.

Still to me its stupid looking with the sleeves.

Also do not tell me your first thought was “omg this was inspired by Mortal Kombat Ii with the character Jax”. Jax was not the best new haracter in MKIi the best was Kitana with her fan lift then kick move. Jax was probably second best his ground fist move was a good setup move.

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