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Would You Pay 800 Bucks For A Oil Sign?

American Pickers has a new show called Bonus Buys where they show old places they visited and show buys not seen on the original episodes.

So we watched last nights episode tonight. Mike spent 1100 dollars on two oil signs. Eight hundred for an old Oilzum sign . Ok I never heard of the company they seemed to have sold oil cans. So I am fairly sure this is the same one on their webpage they purchased. Its $129 although it looked far crudier.

If its the same one let it be a lesson to you all picking whether its what they do or if you buy at fleamarkets, thrift shops and or yard sale to flip it really is gambling. Each item a) may not sell, b) you have to discount it so its a small profit or worse loss just to get rid of it or c) you make money. Also remember the cost is not just the cost of item but its the cost in gas of shipping, the cost in supplies to clean item (sometimes windex or cleaning alcohol if so consider yourself lucky sometimes its a repaint or scraping or sometimes its spending money on bulb or buying a shade if its a lamp).


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