A friend of mine told me that her husband keeps multiple guns underneath their bed. At least he keeps the ammunition separate, but still... that’s concerning. She’s not a big fan of her guns, but she puts up with them because it’s important to her husband and part of his family culture (a couple of the guns have been passed down from his grandfather). She bought him a gun safe, and he put one gun in there, but still insists on storing the others under the bed.

I’m kind of baffled. I don’t think I would be able to sleep knowing that there was a gun under the bed. And I think that unsecured guns would be a major non-negotiable issues for me.

BUT... I also know that sometimes in relationships, you end up up compromising on things you said you’d never compromise, or just giving in on something you don’t want to be an endlessly recurring fight. But still... unsecured guns is a massive safety issue. Fortunately, they don’t have children, so at least that’s not an issue... but it’s still a danger, and I just CAN’T understand what reason he could possibly have for not keeping them in the gun safe.