Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So as I've posted here before, my siblings and I do our own March Madness bracket every year (and yes we are super behind it being April and all, we had to take a break for a few weeks), and this year's category is "Fictional Boyfriends". The divisions are written vs visual, with adult books vs YA books and movies vs TV as the subdivisions.

Today we're having an interesting debate over a particular matchup, and I want to bring it to the wider world.


So tell me GT, if you had to choose, which fictional boyfriend would you pick?

Number 1 seed, Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything


Number 9 seed, Ren McCormack from Footloose

(nobody ask me from which Footloose or I'll slap you. THERE IS ONLY ONE FOOTLOOSE I DENY ALL OTHERS.


This one has turned out to be surprisingly hard! The voting is tied neck and neck over there on our end so give me your best arguments/gifs/videos either way!

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