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Would You Want to Know? (Medical Testing) Discuss

Well, maybe that “I’m fine” statement I made previously in another post was a bit hasty. I’ve had 12 medical tests in the past week and a half and extensive blood work. So far, I’ve seen results from 7 of the tests. The first 6 were all clear/excellent, number 7 not so much.

Without getting into the details, and not knowing the results of the other tests, right now I am fine. However, if what they found worsens (might or might not) it would either be A: operable with a high risk of significant brain damage or B: inoperable resulting in death.


My questions to you all is - would you want to know you have a little ticking time bomb that may/may not go off in your brain? Would you prefer to be blissfully ignorant? Would you change your lifestyle - either to lessen your risk or to go the opposite extreme and “do whatever” knowing you may die?

As I know the compassionate/empathetic nature of you all, yes, right now I am okay. I am processing the information and (im)patiently awaiting the remaining test results. I am also going ahead with my plans to go on vacation next week (so far with doctor approval). Life goes on, right?

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