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Woulda Thought To Combine These Foods

We wejt to my favorite grocery store. I went to the cafeteria section feeling like a marshmallow donut. I stopped and got a 99 cent 16 ounce Hood Lowfat Chocolate.Milk. I went to the cafeteria, ugh no marshmallow nor Boston Cream. I told the woman, who is nice I will.check the bakery for sales,.ugh nothing..

So I went back to the cafeteria and asked what kind of bagels are those on top shelf. She said “wheat” ugh, plain “please let the third be good” then she said French Toast.


Who would have thought of combining the two. I said yes to Fremch Toast.bagel. I still wish they had onion bagels. I love onion bagels.

It was not bad. I would get it again if they were out of onion or cheese bagel. It tasted like their raisin bagels minus the raisins.

I had it with cream cheese. I wish they had flavored cream cheese but as Hamlet would have said to Yorrick’s skull “alas poor Yorrick tis no flavored cream cheese”.


Woulda thought to combine these two.

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