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Wouldn't it be cool if Hollywood actually had a liberal agenda?

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I've been thinking about the nonsense about the Cheerios ad, and I'm beginning to think that we've regressed in terms of race relations.


We hear all the time about Hollywood's "liberal agenda,"and while I think that it's true that Hollywood types are more likely to support liberal causes, but I think the glory days of liberal producers actually making progressive works is long gone.

Back in the 50s and 60s there was Stanley Kramer, who made such well-meaning, progressive movies like Inherit The Wind and Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. Kramer's movies were often heavy-handed (James Baldwin eviscerated Guess Who's Coming To Dinner in an essay on movies), but they did strike new ground.


In the 70s, Norman Lear was making sitcoms like ALl In The Family, The Jeffersons and Maude. They all touched on racism, sexism, homophobia and many other serious issues (Maude was the first major TV character to have an abortion, in 1972, before Roe V Wade). They all had interracial casts, who were often at odds with each other.

When I bring these shows up, some grumble that they couldn't be made today because of "political correctness." But I don't; think that's true. I think conservatives would be more offended than liberals.

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