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Welcome To The Bitchery

Wow. (A Bread question)

So tears. Much chopping. Very nonion.

I wanna christen my dutch oven by making a lovely crusty nonion bread. I have determined that yellow nonions have more tear producing stuffs than sweet. Also that sweet is more tasty to munch upon. I has chopped de nonions, and they is caramelizing as we speak. Bunny is on my shoulders, adding to the collections of cuts her leetle claws have made on my shoulders. Does anyone have an idea how much water to add to 3 cups of flours if I wanna make a very slack dough? I found one recipe that calls for 1.5 cups, but the author calls for bread flours, instead of all porpoise, and I know that yes, you'd add more water to bread flours because it's denser than all porpoise. So I do not know how much waters to add to the flours. Halp Plz!


Chritter, I steal Project Breadway tag because Muaha!

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