Yesterday I had a pelvic ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound and a mammogram. Next week I have an endometrial biopsy.

At dinner I was telling noklew how it sucked to be poked and prodded and squished and scraped all the time. We get strange infections and discharges and other stuff coming out of us and there is just about always something wrong with our parts.

Then he gets a thoughtful look and says "Wow, being a woman is hard". Of course I agreed. Only thing he needs to get will be a prostate exam when he is old enough. Our shit starts in our TEENS or even earlier for fucks sake.

Dammit I have to edit to say that a woman was CUTTING HER FINGERNAILS while sitting in the diagnostic clinic's waiting room. The room was FULL OF PEOPLE and she was a grown ass woman. WHAT THE HELL??