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Wow... I may be an Idiot.

So a slight amount of back story. I wish to make a Dunfallandy Blanket- but in grown up people size. No problem! I have a whole bag of super bulky weight Heartland Thick and Quick just sitting on my catchall chair (you know, that chair or table or basket near the door that ends up catching the junk mail and hats and various other detritus?) Super wicked little buddy! That means I can scale up this blanket like a champ, I love the Heartland line (both worsted and bulky) because it is very soft, has a slight amount of stretch (I strand the worsted suckers- come at me) and is just lovely for accessories and blankets.

Ok. So I have my pattern all queued up, my needles are ready, I’m ready to get onto cabling like an unstoppable warrior. Now, lemme go grab that yarn. I feel... apprehension as I approach the catchall chair. I haven’t really checked on stuff, like at all in about a month. Things have been crazy- after my Mother in Law passed, BoyHeathen has been running back and forth between our house and her home trying to finalize everything, so I have been working as many hours as possible( up to the last week when they told me I either take vacation or lose it) One of the finalizations of his mothers estate has been bringing a very active, very crazy very puppy new dog into the house (either bring her home or hope someone adopts her. She honestly probably would have found a place, but would YOU risk it?)


This has not gone over... well... with the cats. Anyhow, long story short

one of the cats has let their displeasure been known by peeing right on my bag of yarn. All 9 skeins of yarn. No problem! I’ll just throw this urine scented mess right into the washer on the delicate cycle with some Borax and some deodorizing soap and everything will be A-OK! That’s acrylic’s whole clain to FAME man, it washes like a champ. And it’s mostly in skeins and this is just the best idea I have EVER had!

Until I pulled the 1800 yard knot out of the washer. Phrygia Gorgium can suck it. I have a knot to rival all knots, the mack daddy of the clan knot, it is an entanglement at the quantum level. It is a labyrinthine mass of tangles, like the flying spaghetti monster had sex with a Michael’s.


Dear God. What have I done?

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