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Wow, I've been absent. Also, higher sartorial education?

Sorry, 'Bels! I usually try to be a regular participant on Groupthink, but life has been quite full these days. Let me explain.

1. I moved! I am no longer living with my parents, I am now in NYC full-time. [Aside: Is there a meet-up scheduled for anytime soon? I'm in the market for some smart, like-minded friends.] I know most people think that moving is a nightmare, but I really liked it! I felt very Real Person-esque to choose a bed (my first bed since college!), other furniture, and decorations for my first non-college apartment.


1a. As I moved out of my parents' house I kind of definitely did go on a cleaning binge of my childhood room and it was AMAZING. I can't explain this one, but all I know is I really like cleaning things and having things look organized. The only shame is that I cleaned out my room just as I was leaving it for good. But OCD rarely makes sense, yes?

2. I've been in the midst of a huge medication overhaul. It's hard to categorize this as good or bad yet, but it certainly is different. One of the negative things that I have had to deal with with this change is a change in diet (farewell, tyramine-containing foods) and an all-encompassing fear of accidentally consuming something that will cause me to stroke.

3. I'm writing an article to be published! Unfortunately last winter I had an experience that caused me to call on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and I decided to write about it. Hopefully the world will see it soon. That would be nutz!


4. I got the tattoo I have been dreaming about for the past few years! It's on my back and I live alone, so the only pictures I have of it are from right after it was done and those aren't the most flattering photos. This weekend when I visit the boyfriend I'll have him take more pictures so I can share them with you.

5. I completed the training to volunteer for a rape crisis service. I can't wait to get started with that.


6. I am preparing to start graduate school next week. I put a period at the end of that sentence because I'm moderately terrified, and by moderately I mean very. And here comes my question: What does one wear to graduate school classes? Some information: I'm going to be earning my doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD). There will be no "labs" in the traditional sense— meaning no chemicals or petri dishes or microscopes. I won't start any practicum work until the spring semester, so right now I am just wondering what an appropriate wardrobe to class is. I am not a dress or skirt person, so I'm hoping I can avoid those for the most part. Basically, I want to look put together and like a Real Person.

Once again, sorry for my prolonged absence! I hope all is going well for you.

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