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Wow. Music is powerful.

So whenever I have a major shift/change/oh shit moment in my life I usually find a song that helps me navigate the situation. And then I listen to it on repeat until it's over. (Am I the only weirdo who does this?) I'm currently in between dream job status and still broke from being un/under employed so i'm feeling……. stagnant. Luckily the process to really get to the other side starts on Tuesday but i'm still riled up emotionally.

And then last night it happened. I found it. And of course OF COURSE it's Fiona Apple.

I had kind of stopped listening somewhere around When The Pawn, not out of disinterest it just kind of fell off.


In case anyone, like me, completely missed it, the song Every Single Night from her last album is a REVELATION. I learned about it oddly enough when reading an article about how she wouldn't let Panic At The Disco (thank you!) sample it. (YES GIRL, YES)

Choice line? "I just want to feel everything"

Me too Fiona.

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