Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have this weird thing where I have to view my notifications if I have some. It's a weird thing anytime I'm on Kinja or Gawker that's the first thing that gets dealt with. My notifications are mostly manageable, since I read more than I comment and when I do it's usually yays or inanity (like this for example).

Holy crap an off-hand comment about potato skins on the MP has over 400 stars. Every time I go on I have to click to make the red notifications go away. How do people with actually something to say handle getting Main Paged?


Also people seem to be very pro-potato skins, and only 2 weird comments. Not even necessarily trolly just 2 denial being a decent person can be a feminist act. Which leads me to believe we could achieve world peace with a mass appetizer movement. Mozzerrella Sticks for all of my people!

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