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Ugh. I'm so pissed off right now. So there's guy who tries to sell his music outside the Met. And when I say sell, I don't mean that he plays music and tries to conduct business. I mean he tries to scam tourists by forcing the shitty EP he probably made in his bedroom and then yells at them to give him 20 dollars. He's a nasty bully who takes advantage of people. He has tried this several times with me (and probably all women).

He does this by offering the CD and when you say no, he physically forces it on your arm, hoping you'll take it saying "c'mon, I'm a nice guy." (Dude, really?). So this just happened again. This time I was fed up and rather than just ignore him, I shoved my arm off to knock him off and said firmly "Don't touch me."

Of course this bruised his precious little con-artist ego and he started yelling after me "Are you serious? You be looking like a whale!"


Really, guy? You really think that no one has ever called me fat before? You really think that I don't know that I'm in the bigger side? Like I give a fuck. There are plenty of things that can make me feel shitty about my body. Your sorry ass sure as shit isn't one of them. I will never have to defend myself to a pathetic street harasser like you.

I think if this ever happens again, I will still say "don't touch me" and if he starts saying that I look like a whale then I will turn around, smile, and say "And you look like a loser. See? I can state obvious things too."

Cheers, motherfucker.

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