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Welcome To The Bitchery

Wow. Such closet.

OK, I am teetering on the brink here. I am staying away from home because of the huge train accident which affects my commute, so I had to stay in like a hostel up here near work. I've been feeling sick that whole time. I've been desperately trying to keep it together for the last two weeks of school and am already behind on grading, but those that I have graded are in my laptop which I somehow spilled water on last night during the night and *now it will not start.* Just — dead, a lump of black plastic on my desk. Also my Dad is just creating more and more demands of things that have to be dealt with RIGHT NOW but then asking what he can do to help me when he sees I;m stressed out. It's so sad because I;m sure he;d like to but the things he COULD do, he just doesn't do (memory issues). Also, the only holiday invitations I'm likely to get are this weekend, Saturday and Sunday and Monday as well, and I *cannot pass those up* but at the same time, just thinking about doing them makes me feel tired and sad. Also, today I was supposed to have a guest lecturer come to my class, and now she just wrote me and said she isn't feeling well and can't make it, and I have NOTHING prepared for this class, and I'm not near my desktop where I have resources, and my laptop won't start..... These are the circumstances under which even worse things always happen, like this computer thing or an injury or getting into an argument with someone.... I am going to take a little medication but wow. Many anxious. Big furious. Wow. Too sitting.


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