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Wow, what a good wolf doggie

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I was driving home and I witnessed this scene. This lady was walking her wolf dog (seriously this dog was big, it looked just like the pic except not as shaggy) and this man was walking with his dog toward the woman and her wolf.


The man's dog looked like a lab/retriever kinda dog (I'm not a dog person) and his dog was medium-sized. As they were about to pass each other, the man's dog went nuts and started barking and lunging at the woman's dog, basically making it impossible for her to pass on the narrow sidewalk.

She stood there with a, "Oh, come on" look on her face, and her giant wolf dog stood perfectly still and looked at the smaller dog like, Hey, dude, what's your beef? And that seemed to make the other dog even more angry.


I felt bad for the guy because he looked embarrassed and he was having a really hard time hauling his dog along the sidewalk. And the whole time the wolf stood there patiently waiting for the hubbub to pass.

Wow! Is that typical of good dogs or did this dog go above and beyond good dog?

And just because the man's dog reacted like that doesn't mean it's poorly trained or a "bad dog," right?

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