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Wrath and vengeance and HATEFIRE - a Rant. [update]

I ordered something online (a couple dresses, shoes, a purse). It arrived today, and it was delivered...except that SOME MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE got to it first.

How do I know?

They sliced open the box, emptied it of its contents, and left the trash strewn all over my porch, including the receipt. Yes. That's right.


Some asshole brazenly stole my entire purchase from my front porch. And, to add insult to injury, had the GALL to leave the trash for me to pick up.

I am so angry, I want to rain karmic wrath upon their asses. I want to throw him off a tall building. NO, I want to turn this fucker into a cockroach and lock him in a room with no escape and a cat who will rend him to pieces, starting with his disgusting disease-ridden legs. ONE. BY. ONE.

I'm also stupidly HURT by this. This has never happened in my neighborhood before. Hell, my landlord had several boxes of very expensive pots and pans delivered to his doorstep and they were left unmolested for several days. So I am the unlucky bastard who has a couple hundred dollars worth of online purchases stolen from her.


And I'm so disappointed - these were purchases I'd been saving up for for quite awhile, and now...they're just gone.

Fuck whoever did this. Seriously.

People fucking suck.

(Also, I tried the company's chat option and I had someone respond to me...and then stop talking. It's been twenty minutes.)


UPDATE: I contacted ModCloth and they are going to resend my order and refund me for anything not in stock! I'm still angry...but this has been mitigated by dinner, a helpful customer service rep and a very large glass of wine. I will, however, still be following up with a police report because this is unacceptable.

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