Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sorry for making a whole post just to ask this one question, but: I have a new dress (and a duplicate in a different pattern) that I bought on sale from Urban Outfitters. I know, I know, but it fits super well and is so comfortable! However, after wearing it all day the front is like an accordion of (larger?) wrinkles. I have another dress I love but barely wear because of the same problem.

The tag says it’s 100% viscose on the outside and 100% rayon for the shell. Which I know is synthetic (it was really cheap on sale, like under $20!) but...I would like to be able to wear this for longer than a couple hours.


Does anyone have an anti wrinkle spray they love? I usually use a steamer and not an iron, would this be part of the problem?

These are those perfect silhouettes that can be worn in the summer or winter, for class or a date. I want to make it work!

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