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So after my kinda-epiphany, I’ve been writing at an okay pace. It gets easier as I do it, of course, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting my stride in a couple weeks. The thing that’s strange, though, is that...ever since deciding I was okay-ish with re-reading my work, I’m kinda seeing why people have wanted me to write. I’m not sure of its ultimate value, but I do have a distinct way of hammering words together that seems to click extra-well for some people. I wonder a bit if it has to do with my (very mild) synaesthesia, as trying to explain how I experience tastes and smells takes some mental stretching, and yet my job requires it of me. I have no idea, and I’ve had some wine (WIIIINNE!), but - I feel really unusually okay.

How are you?


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