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Writers advice?

I don’t want to bother the writers I know about this because I don’t want them to feel obliged, they probably get asked writing questions a lot. So I’m asking here where people can choose whether they’d like to respond or not.

I am not a writer, and I suspect I would never be an especially good one no matter what I do. But I do want to write some very short stories that are just for me. The story ideas are not the problem (though if anyone else were to be the audience I suspect that would not be the case), since they are just for me they are what suits me/what I want to read. But my writing style, I absolutely detest it. My writing has always been extremely to the point, to the extent that I have to read back over even my work emails to soften the tone. But for fiction writing, I just don’t know how to work on improving it. And writing is not fun like this, it brings out my self-hatred. I’d really like to improve it to the level where I don’t want to cry when I read what I’m writing, because that’s where I’m at. Doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, I just don’t want to despise what I write so much.


What I’m hoping for here, is for anyone who is used to writing (especially fiction of any kind) to let me know of anything they have found helpful along the way, any tips, really anything at all they think is useful. Doesn’t matter what you’ve written, I’m not expecting professional advice! I’m only doing this for fun, so if you wrote that fanfic as a teen and found something useful, that’s still super helpful to me. Not necessarily looking for quick fixes either, writing exercises etc I could work at still welcome. Any suggestions are welcome, but note there’s no way I could take a writing class at this time.

I’m scheduling this post since it’s early hours in the morning for most of you while I write this, so I’ll come back here later today. Thank you!

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