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I have writers block. Here's how I feel:

I'm doing a paper on Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. The one with the really creepy death dude. Sorry for posting this picture so early. Still scares the crap out of me. Hopefully it might jog your memory:


Dammit Bergman!

The character I'm writing about is Jöns the squire, played by Gunnar Björnstrand. Because Antonius the knight turned out to be hella dull. Despite the movie being about death and fear, Jöns is funny and insightful. Really, the only character who tells it like it is. Here is Jöns:

Jöns is gonna do Jöns.

I think he's the best character in the entire film. He does more things than the knight. All the knight does is mope around, questions God, plays chess with death, then repents like crazy. Even though the knight (Max von Sydow) is a total fox. Jöns explains the obvious to oblivious characters, and is totally witty, deadpan, and realistic. I have to include structure, themes, and character analysis, his function in the film, and his contribution to the film. Which is a lot for 4-6 pages. Seriously. I can't even format a thesis, let alone the opening paragraph. Which is all I've got. Usually I can write a paper like this in my sleep. But it's so frustrating because I can't put my thoughts into words. I'm repeating words (I know, need a thesaurus). I'm going in circles. And I'm not having any luck putting the long-ass prompt into the paper, and tie the whole stupid thing back to Jöns. Even with an outline and evidence.


This is killing me. I took a break to get my thoughts together, I write down words that come to mind, and I re-watched the film. I transcribed everything important. But it's my thoughts-I can't get them to be coherent. I can't form an argument, other than the casual "Jöns hella dope, he don't play, or pray". Which is hella stupid and not for a college paper.

I need my writer Jezzies, my Bergman fanatics, and anyone who has seen The Seventh Seal. I have to get it done by Friday so I can do peer edits. I'm seeing the TA to discuss this today, but I wanna get my voice in there, and not write a generic paper. I gotta do me.

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