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Last nights episode the writers once again played with Steve McGarrett nd Danno’s relationship.


Steve signed them up for a relationship weekend because of them being cops. Instead he “accidently” signed them up for a couples relationship retreat. Yeah too absurd.

Steve was fairly cool with this. Danno was not. Steve even ditched a date to be with Danno who injured his ankle. It ended up with Danno saying he loved the soap and had Steve feel his arms.

Numerious times in past episode I kept thinking they are really a couple. When they were stuck in a basement with explosives, when they were in a helicopter dumping a nuke, when Steve “sarcastically” says “I love you to Danno”.

I have seen many, many cop shows and buddy movies. You always know they are not a couple just really close friends. This show their relationship seems way beyond past cop buddy shows.


It would be completely realistic for these characters to say how they feel probably in a moment of crisis.

Its 2016 making them a couple would seriously be revolutionary for this genre. A genre that tends to be formula driven and fairly conservative in main characters sexuality.


To me its like the writers are tiptoeing around this issue. Watching this last episode it seems like the writers are saying “well they are a couple wink wink we don’t want some viewers upset”.

Or am I reading to much into this. Or my imagination.

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