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Writing advice?

I am really, really horrible at first sentences. I'm writing a paper right now, and it's just, no. I'm also writing an article with my old supervisor, and our intro paragraph is lifted right from my MA thesis, and it's horrible. I have to rewrite that, and also start my current paper, but I AM AT A LOSS. Are there any techniques for this? Does anyone have any advice? Halp!

It doesn't even have to be academic advice, if you know a technique/website/personal tip for first sentences, I'm all ears. I don't have trouble with casual blogs like this one (look how straightforward that first sentence is!), and I don't have any trouble writing, it's just that damned first sentence!

This is for a legal studies/security kind of class, and my professor is really into injecting pretty writing or even fiction into academic work, so I don't have to be really stiff with it or anything. I will probably put a quote in under the title before the intro starts, just cause that can be cool, but I still need to start my actual introduction. :(


(This paper is about necropolitics and Orange is the New Black, I am having so much fun!!)

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