Update: Thank you, GT!

So after I posted my woes regarding cover letters and no self-confidence, I felt like I was going to have a massive anxiety attack. But your advice helped me off that ledge, gave me something substantive that I could do instead of just pointless eternal worrying. That being said, I took the rest of the day off and knit instead.

While I feel like my confidence is no higher than it was when I wrote my post on Saturday, this week I have sent out several cover letters to jobs that I am comfortable saying I am qualified to do. In a couple cases, probably more than. And it's because your advice helped me "unblock".

Thank you!

Writing cover letters when your self-confidence is shot.

How do you do it?

How do you sell yourself when you feel like everything good you could possibly say about yourself is a lie, or a twisted truth?

I had a demoralizing 2014, job-wise. The first year where I felt like I really put myself out there in the job market and felt like my experience and skill-level were perfect for the jobs I wanted. Only to be told, again and again, that while I had a great interview and was, in fact, a perfect candidate, I just wasn't Something Enough for the position. It's a hard thing to swallow, not once or twice but seven times. By people who know me and know what I can do.

So I'm coming into 2015 feeling pretty defeated and lacking in confidence. I'm questioning myself at every turn. I see a job opportunity and I think "I could do that!" but it's immediately followed by "but can you really? No. Nobody thinks you can." Rationally, I know that's a lie. But I don't feel like it's a lie. I feel like it's true, and that I will never claw my way to the next level, and everybody is just wondering what I'm even doing.

There's a job that I want with all my heart. It is, in fact, my dream job. I have related - but not exact - experience that I think could make me a good candidate (though I have to do a damn good job of explaining how it does). But as I sit to write this cover letter, there's a Lying Cat in my head, hissing "LYING" with every sentence I type.


How do I sell myself when I feel like I have nothing TO sell? (When I feel like there's no point in even writing a cover letter because I have no chance in hell at even getting this because I am So Not Good Enough.)