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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Writing in my second language...

is like pulling teeth :( I'm taking an advanced french grammar class and i'm supposed to be writing a movie review on Lincoln(ennuyeux/meh). And after four hours, i've got almost two paragraphs written. If this was in english, i'd be on page five now and cleaning it up. It doesn't help that i'm old and it's been almost twenty years since i've done some serious writing in french. Also this weekend, i'm going to be in the Bay Area at an event with the in-laws so it's gonna be almost a total immersion in Chinese. (wish i could sneak in a GT meetup :( )

Are there any other multilingual folks on here, still up? How do you manage all your languages in your brain?? And feel free to send me gifs to keep me inspired and going on this project....


Oh and this makes me sooooo sympathetic to my students who are English language learners in my classroom...

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