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I was mulling over a comment a person wrote about writing a paper for class. I an an oldster and thought of my history of writing. I envy the youngsters on writing. Growing up from the 70s through circa 97 writing for me was a chore and for vast majority I went to school with, it was Catholic schools. Writing meant essays, exam questions, book reports and research papers well almost all fit in that category. Teachers especially nuns tried to teach us about letter writing but at least one student would say "that's what phones are for" and we would all nod.

Then work was memos and emails, again chores. Then circa 1997 I discovered the usenet. People there wrote not because they had to but they wanted to. To me this was an alien concept. I waded in and loved it. I thought at first it would be oldsters probably retired who did this. Nope many folks in teens and twenties. I was ealry 30s yet a young generation wrote for pleasure. Unthinkable, unimaginable as Tevye would say.


Yet it was reality. Now 17 years later an entire generation seems to be approaching writing as another form of talking. I was thinking how easy grammer rules, spelling, just rules of writing must be to those in high school and college. This generation seems to have an incredible naturalness to writing. When writing as I did and many of my generation did only as a chore writing never for most of us became natural. I know I have to think through grammer and spelling or paragraph definitions. It seems vast numbers under 30 do not. Yes its probably over generalizing.

Thoughts? For oldsters do you share the same history of writing? If so when did you discover writing for writing sake on the internet?

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