ETA: Thank you all so much for the input. I still want to write about the dynamic at the job and how it relates to class issues, but I will be mindful of how I discuss the things where I drew parallels. I appreciate the civility in the face of my ignorance! Y'all are the best.

I have something I want to write about, but I wanted to put out some feelers first in case I'm way off base with the appropriateness of it.

I grew up solidly middle class, with a wide range of political views in my family. My mom is a lesbian feminist, while she is more intersectional now, what I saw growing up was very largely white feminism. I've never been sexually assaulted. I've led a pretty damn charmed life and I know it. When it comes to serious subject matter on here, I mostly find my place to be listening to others.

I want to write about how I see Mr.BT's job (and jobs like it in general) as an abusive relationship. Not at all in a joking or light way, it affects our family greatly. I'd appreciate input before I do. Am I totally off base here? I don't mean to downplay abuse in personal relationships, but people make racist statements without meaning it too, I don't want to be that person.

I've got to go for a couple hours, I thank you all in advance for helping me out here. Have a puppy for your troubles.